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May 7, 2013 4:00am PDT
taking an early look at the bond market this morning with tony harris of performance trust investment advisors. good to have you on the show this morning. i know it is hard to time the market, tony, but is now the time to be in bonds? - you have had three good developments in bonds: you at least had a big sell-off over the last three days after the payroll report on friday, so the 10-year treasury has actually moved up in yield about 14 basis points from 163 to about 177, so that is good to start with. you've also seen inflation relatively tame. the pce inflator is about 1% year- over-year - that's what the fed looks at to determine if they are going to act or not act. and then you also had the fed, in the most recent release of their minutes, basically say that they are not just talking about tempering their bond purchases anymore, they are talking about potentially increasing their bond purchases if the slowdown in the u.s. economy continues. - tony, what do you think about this chatter of bonds being overpriced and the bond bubble? - i think there is no question that yields on bond
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1